If your vehicle encounters a malfunction, the on-board computer stores a code within the ECU and displays a warning light on the dashboard. Such issues usually require immediate attention and as the leading independent choice for engine diagnostics in Exeter, we have the latest Bosch Diagnostics code reading technology available to identify all sub-system faults.

Once a code is stored, a diagnostic check is the only way to analyse the problem. Autocare Services has the operational capacity to recognise and rectify all faults to ensure problem-free driving in the future. Our engine diagnostics in Exeter are perfect for all air bag, wiring and operational faults and prices start at just £20.00 + VAT.

After your scan has been completed, we provide a full printout listing the codes stored within your vehicle ECU. This enables us to provide a transparent service that ensures we only complete the rectification work required. Autocare Services LTD will never proceed with changing parts without your full authorisation.

For superior engine diagnostics in Exeter and the local Devon area, contact your professional team at Autocare Services today.

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